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September 11, 2008

Anthony's First Day

Seeing as this was Anthony's first 'offical' day, I thought I would post the pictures from last week when he got to go in.
Anthony was SO funy this morning, he gets all ready for the bus, opens the door and says:
"It's alright Mom, I don't need anyone to wait with me, I'm big now! I can wait all by myself."
Nice try kiddo!
I'm cool Mommy!
Here comes the bus!

The Bus driver is LAUGHING here because by this point,
I had asked him to turn around and wave about 10 times...
does it LOOK like he is listening??!!
Getting off the bus at school

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

What a GREAT first day! I love all of the pictures too - and the busdriver one cracks me up :)

Have a GREAT year Anthony!!