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September 10, 2008

The End of Summer

For the last two years, on Labour Day weekend, the kids and I (and this year Troy, he happened to not be working) head out to Hymers Fall Fair. They have a blast and start asking in about May if it is time for that fair yet (well, Anthony, seeing as Alexandra was too little last year to remember it), "you know the one mommy, where I had cotton candy and walked on stilts."
Hey, if that's what Anthony remembers, then that's what we will go back for (every year). I think traditions are really important for kids, it helps to create memories that they can remember as they grow, something for them to look forward to and, maybe one day, do with their own kids. Anthony surprised me this year, we walked into the fair and he immediately asked if he could get "a vegetable to paint mom, you know, like I painted black last year" Thankfully I knew he was talking about a gourd, so yes, we bought him a gourd to bring home and paint (this years looks MUCH nicer than last years black blob!) The stilts

Alexandra and Mikayla having tons of fun!
(yes, we do a lot with this family!)

Anthony had a wonderful birthday today. He was SO excited with the presents he got that he ACTUALLY spent close to 3 hours playing with them by himself. He was just so happy today, it was a very nice change from Monday where all of my wonderful children were well...they were driving me over the edge with their I don't know what it was! SO yesterday and today were MUCH MUCH better than Monday and I am so thankful for that.

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