"We have never been called to define God, we have been called to behold Him." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

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January 22, 2011


Silent, invisible, all consuming. There are moments in these days where it is easy to get lost in the winding paths of darkness, side tracked by the pull of a cavern.

Yet there are also moments - which I hold desperately too - where there is a glimmer of light on the path, a warmth to the wind that whistles through the empty places, a strength and peace holding me. They are few and far between , these moments of hope that give life, but there are enough.

I cannot put words to the change, but I have felt the shifting, can sense it in the tears that fall too easy and hear it in the thoughts that drown out His whisperings.

It is a strange sensation, feeling safe, held, protected in the midst of the icy fog. So thankful that I can feel it, for it holds me close.

On the days when I am afraid to reach out, but long to talk, I am thankful that there is Someone I can turn to, without fear and without having to find the *right* words - or words at all for that matter.

I am thankful I serve a Holy God. A God that knows my thoughts, One Who is more than capable of leading from this darkness or sustaining me through it.

On days when I want to call someone and say 'pray for me' but don't want to have to explain why, I am thankful I can fall at the feet of the One and Only and cry. My tears the only prayer I am able to offer. Thankful He knows me.

I hate pretending that everything is fine, but I don't want to let the darkness take over and the tears to be come common place. So I do what I normally do, I get out of bed, I function I act like everything is fine. Because sometimes it is just easier that way.

My mom comes tomorrow. I am thankful for that!

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