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January 14, 2011

All on a Friday Morning

This week has been long. Owen hasn't been sleeping well, up at 4am for the day. Which translates into me putting him back into bed every 30 mins until 6 or 6:30am when I am finally out of bed for the day! Anthony and Alexandra have been getting back into the routine of school and as a result are extra tired by the end of the day and fighting constantly with each other.

I'm tired and cranky, the kids are tired and cranky. I want it to be about me, they (obviously) want it to be about them....this week has not been one of my finer moments in parenting. I'm done, the kids are done, it makes for a stellar combination (don't recommend trying it)

We were supposed to go out this morning, but I opted to stay home (sometimes it is helpful to get out after a long week and there are other times when I just want to hide away), it wasn't worth my sanity to drag them out and have them cling to me the entire time and then throw a fit when it was time to leave. So we had a friend over instead and kept busy with
rice and diggers (of course....)
markers and cutout animal shapes 
and ice cube sun-catchers
(idea came from another blog I read, who got it from a blog she reads...) 

Now Owen is sleeping and I gave up fighting with Alexandra to sleep so she is watching Dora Saves the Snow Princess (which gives me about an hour)

Despite the fact that this week has been long and trying, the kids and I had a great morning together. I think it helped that there was another child here to keep them distracted! 

Thankful for a God who knows what I desperately need and is more than willing to lavish His grace and love in the form of really good moments in an otherwise long week.

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Lindsay said...

wish we were neighbors ... truly ... I think we would get along and I know our kids would ... just saying :)

Isn't it reassuring to know God has it all under control?! :)

Love your new banner too ~