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January 04, 2011

C is for Cookies

Owen loves to bake. 
Or maybe, he loves to taste..... either way!
  So what do we do when his brother and sister are at school?? Bake dozens and dozens of cookies. Some go into the oven right away and some get put in the freezer (before baking) for when I want fresh baked cookies without having to make the dough first!

On a side note, I got a crockpot for Christmas and am loving it! It makes my life so much easier (I can throw the frozen meat in first thing in the morning and it's ready to eat by the time Troy gets home from work!) Tonight, I am making chocolate fudge pudding in it, I'll let you know if its good.


Lindsay said...

yum!! :) and yes - I want to know about the pudding :)

Happy New Year - praying it's filled with His best!

Dana said...

OH NICE! you should post your crock pot recipes online! I"d love to try some new stuff!

AK said...

Great to hear about the crock pot!! I love mine. I will send some recipes that I think you will enjoy.