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April 29, 2009

Relief tonight.

I am beyond thankful that there is nothing physically wrong with Owen. The paediatrican we met with today is confident that all of Owen's troubles (constipation, sleeping WAY too much, having no energy, not eating/drinking) all come down to diet. As all the x-rays and ultra-sounds came back negative. The only thing the bloodwork showed was fairly low blood sugar levels (but not eating in a few days tends to do that).

We will be meeting with a dietican to go over things we can change, things to avoid etc. They don't think it's an allergy to anything specific and are thinking that as he grows, he may grow out of the need to watch what he eats.

These past 5 days have felt like a lifetime for me. I can't believe it is only Wednesday! I'm exhausted beyond words and feeling scattered but thankful, can't stress that enough!

My respect has grown by 100 fold for families that have, as their normal, constant appoinments and testings and kids whose problems aren't solved as easily as Owen's can be. I am in awe at the grace that God pours into those families. The strength and endurance they have. I can't even begin to express what I feel for them. These past 5 days have been filled with worry and prayers and appointments and questions and peace.

It's so hard to wrap my head around the fact that this is some families *normal*. And I will not be taking my family's health for granted anytime soon.

For it is easy, when things are fine, to forget to be thankful for them, at least it is for me. God's reminded me these past 5 days the power there is in leaning on Him.

On letting HIM be my rock.

I'm crying right now, happy, filled with relief, but hurting for the families that have to learn how to cope with a *sick* child (or parent or spouse). I am praying that God will fill those families with His peace and presence and love. That they will know that He is walking through their *normal* with them.

It is late, this week is far from over, and the weekend coming is going to be busy too. So this tired, thankful mommy is heading to bed praising her Saviour and praying for those whose *normal* is anything but.


mommytoalot said...

So happy to hear all the tests were ok.
In my prayers

AK said...

so glad to hear he's ok!