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April 08, 2009

The Deer

So this picture isn't actually of a deer. It just makes my laugh every single time I drive past it so I thought I'd take a picture.
The window is rolled down. I had the sliding door open so the kids could throw carrots and apples out, but I had to close it every so often cuz they would try to climb right in the car!
The kids loved it. They were really really sad when the bag of carrots was gone.
The car behind us was letting the deer eat right out of their hands (and petting them).
That was a little TOO close for my taste....
they are wild animals after all!
I think it's so neat that every single one of them is different. Their colouring, although it looks the same from a distance, is anything but. Even the stripe patterns on their tails are different.
I think it's SO cool that God would take the time to make each deer different from eachother.
To me that just shows an incredible amount of love and dedication to His creation.

So last night I broke my 'rule'. I have a rule about kids in bed. Unless they are an infant (and then only rarely) it doesn't happen. (Great if you do it....just SO NOT for me!) ANYWAY... Owen slept great he only got up at 2:30am. God knew what was coming and that I needed to sleep to have patience :) Alexandra woke up at 3:30ish crying that she was scared. So I went downstairs, tucked her back into bed, made sure she had her bunny (I really do need a picture of it...maybe tonight) and went back to bed.

About 10 minutes later I hear stomp stomp stomp clack clack slide (a toy on the landing being kicked). Alexandra had come up stairs and was wimpering about still being scared and the animals running away and "Mommy, I sleep in your bed?" (How does she know to ask that? She was 8 months old the last time she was in bed with me)

I picked her up intending to put her back to bed but the poor thing was shaking SO hard. So I took her into bed with me, told her she had to be quiet and lie still. We ended up falling asleep cuz the next time I looked at the clock it was 5am. So I carried her back to her bed and went back to sleep.

I am glad that she can sleep in bed with me (Anthony can't. He NEVER stops talking, even when he is SO sick and I go to lay with him, he never stops!) It was kinda nice (except for the occassional stuffed bunny to the head and elbow to the nose!!

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Angela & Tom Newman said...

The boat always makes me smile too. How do you explain THAT to an almost 3 yr old? Hmmm... Love the sideview mirror shot. It's a beautiful perspective.
Sigh.. sleeping with babes IS beautiful. I beleive that THEY have a deeper, more restful sleep too. Blessings!