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April 28, 2009

Owen Update

The ultrasound yesterday for Owen went, as well as can be expected with an 11 month old that started SCREAMING as soon as we walked into the room and he saw the bed he was supposed to lay on!

We go back to the hospital tomorrow at 1:30pm to meet with another peds dr. Hopefully he will have the results of the ultrasound, because his name and the name the results were supposed to be sent to were the same (I made sure I looked incase we got phone calls asking to come in and meet with drs.)

Right now it is still a matter of testing and waiting. Praying that after tomorrow we will have more answers, or at least a clearer idea of things.

I would appreciate your prayers for peace and patience and wisdom. We want to do what's best for Owen, but I'm not sure if all the tests they want to run will be needed. Wisdom to know the right thing to do as the time comes.


Courtney and the Boys said...

I will certainly pray over your specific requests. :)

Lindsay said...

Continuing to LIFT you and Troy and Owen up to our God who knows so much more than we do :)

Love, peace, sound mind, patience, and understanding prayed for you friend!