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April 25, 2009


Yesterday Owen and I spent 4 loooooooong hours at the hospital, while I was asked by nurses..."well is he teething?


and..."maybe he's tired"

NO KIDDING, he's slept for 30 mins today and we've been here for 3 hours already.....

or an x-ray tech....."come, stand, put this on, hold him here...no you just stepped on my buttons...pick him up...leave it on and pick him up"

EXCUSE ME??? *thinking* I stepped on the buttons cuz you want me to hold him just so but WONT GET OUT OF THE WAY and I can't pick him wearing the silly lead apron (have you tried to hold a wiggling, screaming 11 month old while wearing a nice lead apron?)

by another paitent to nurse calling names to see drs..."can't hear you" (under his breath..."noisy kid here")

*thinking* AGAIN..... "so so sorry that there's a screaming BABY in the ER"

Other than that though, the dr was wonderful, and after 4 horus of trying to figure out what the matter with Owen is, he decided he would call in a peds. dr. who said to send us home, to come back today at 11ish so they can do more blood work and figure out why Owen's been off. They *think* (I love that term when used by drs. it totally makes me laugh) that it is just really really bad constipation but they don't know why (seeing as nothing in his diet has changed) and they aren't even fully sure since alot of what's *wrong* doesn't fit with that.

Thankful though that I didn't have to wait until Monday to get into our family dr. Seeing as Owen spent close to an hour screarming and crying (which is why we ended up in emerg in the first place), completely inconsolable (which is SO strange for him, he ALWAYS settles once he's with me)

So back we go this morning to hopefully get some answers....

Oh, the BEST comment by the dr (and this made me laugh all the way home) "Try getting liquids into him, and see if he'll eat"

*thinking* "Did you miss that he's NOT eating and will only take one sip before turning his head away, then just let's it dribble down his chin if I dribble it into his mouth? Hence why we are here?" Ah well!

Thankful Owen has decided to start drinking and eating again though!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We had a thunderstorm Thursday night. I LOVE thunder storms. It was a wonderful end to a day that had been long. A nice surprise seeing as it is April and thudner stroms in April are rare here in Thunder Bay.


Sally's World said...

oh honey, i feel for your day I do, but there is a tiny part of me feeling relieved that its not only me the doctors think is a total idiot...its not just my doctors that think i wouldn't have thoguht to see if my child was/hot/cold/teething/eating/drinking/hungry before whipping him off to the hospital...thank god these nurses are there to ask us the most obvious questions on the planet...its just what we need after trying to comfort a crying baby on less than an hours sleep!!!!

oh, and of course we would need to be a seven foot tall contortionist, as well as a weight lifter to satisfy any radiology technician...

well i hope he continues on the mend and you get a few answers, have a better day...(hug)

Sally's World said...

p.s. last time we took Deion for an x-ray the radiologist asked me if i was pregnant...I said 'no' she left the room, came back in 2 minutes later and asked again...Dave (ever the comedian)said 'I'm quick, but I'm not that quick'...

bloody men!

She blushed bright red bless her...

so I said 'he's right he's quick!' He scowled at me...that'll teach him to embarass me!

Dana said...

funny comment. It's 3:30 on Saturday so I'm sure you're still at the hospital...I'm praying right now! Let us know how it goes.

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

I've had similar experiences... I know it is so frustrating. I'm so glad he is finally eating and drinking some for you.