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April 01, 2009

Out our Window

Before shovellingAfter PERFECT packing snow
Snowballs thrown at mom

I'm not upset about this snow. In fact, I am kinda loving it! It is PERFECT for packing, so the kids and I built snow-bunnies on the front loawn and had snowball fights. The weather is warmish so we could spend an hour out there and not be in the least bit cold.
Today I am thanking God for this wonderful blessing of 20cm of packing snow on April 1.
What a perfect morning. Complete with hot chocolate, cinnamon sugar toast and 2 hours of play dough fun (yes we were up early).


Shauna said...

CUTE pictures :)

Lindsay said...

Hot chocolate, cinnamon sugar toast ... play doh ... life just doesn't get much better!

Thank you for your comments today ... they were just what I needed to read!! :) You're a blessing and I truly have enjoyed our blog friendship!! :)

Hope your Thursday is filled with things that make and mold you into the wife, mom & woman God has created you to be!