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April 25, 2009

A Loooooooooong Morning

Which turned, quickly, into afternoon!

I'm finally back from the hospital again. Thankfully (after being there for clsoe to 4 hours) the peds dr I got to talk to, is, in fact, a peds specialist, doing a rotaion at our hospital from Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. He said that there is definately consitpation, BUT that he is ordering a few more tests as a follow-up becuase there is a possibility that it is a form of _______________ (sorry can't remember the name, and couldn't spell it even if I did). He is testing for it because as I was talking, he said that everything I was telling him was making him think that ______________ is what the problem is.

(He sees A LOT being a dr at Sick Kids, so I was happy to have talked to him, and a BIG BONUS, he was AWESOME with Owen. Very impressed, seeing as I had to wake him up after he had fallen asleep in my arms, the dr was patient and very informative....and get this, he even apologized for the amount of time we were there!!!!! I was floored!)

He knows it is not the severe form, as that would have shown itself within days of his birth, but there is a chance that instead of effecting the whole intestine, that only a part of it is being affected, which is why we haven't noticed anything majorly off until this point. We will be going for some ultrasounds and then something with barium and x-rays (I kinda lost focus at that point) But we will be meeting with our family dr on Monday.

I do not know what the next step will be if some of the tests come back postive for it. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it, on thing at a time.

And that one thing right now, is to curl up and have a little nap, pacing hallways holding an 20lb kid for 3 hours is exhausting!


Sally's World said...

i really hope you get some good news, keep in mind that kids are so resilient, so strong...

have a great evening and lots of lovely rest...(HUG)

Lindsay said...

Praying for you friend and your sweet Owen!

... may you both find & enjoy some peace and rest!!