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April 09, 2009

Egg Decorating


I'm baaaaack :) What a wonderful evening. I took pictures (grain elevators and trains....I have a kind of a thing for them...so until I get a picture I LOVE the rest of you (all 8 or 9 of you) are gonna have to put up with seeing grain elevators and trains...but not tonight, tonight is for posting egg decorating pictures...hence the title), and then I went to Chapters and pulled like 8 books on photography off the shef and read (well, maybe skimmed is a more accurate word to use there). Ended up buying a Photo Workshop book (I have the Photographing Children one and love it) This time I got the one on Lighting. It looks good (and the parts I skimmed sucked me in!) Then I went a took some more pictures, came home and am going to have a bubble bath and go to bed. A perfct end to a day that started off on rough footing.

God's grace is marvelous.
Original Post (with the pictures after):

They day got better. I am in a better mood and my wonderful nephew is coming over to watch the kids while they sleep so I can get out of the house for a bit (YAY, so thankful!)

We decorated eggs yesterday. I did them first with Anthony while Alexandra slept, and then while Owen was eating and Anthony was painting his with glitter, Alexandra and I dyed hers. There was NO WAY I was dying eggs with two kids at once. It worked MUCH better to do it one at a time!
Have pictures...computer is being silly (of course) so will try again when I get home!!!!

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Sally's World said...

fantastic, only Deion thinks he is still young enough for this...i miss the production line we used to have going....happy easter