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April 14, 2009

Monday's Adventure

Monday morning dawned gray, cloudy and no where near as warm as the weatherman (er...person) was calling for. SO, in the hopes of finding spring, this momma took her kids to one of the local greenhouses. Because it is still really really early to be thinking about gardening, there were very few people around and the kids had a blast running up and down the rows, smelling flowers and herbs, watching the parrot and budgies and putting money in the wishing well.

There were some INCREDIBLE fake flowers (I was thinking of for pictures). The things were HUGE (taller than my 4 year old). Alas, they were $20 and I really didn't think they were worth it...cool, but not worth it. So we came home with a bright pink Azalea (sp?) flower instead (it was $20 off so we got it for $10!!! That's MY kind of flower! And it's real!)

I was planning on taking the kids swimming but figured Owen would fall asleep in the van, so we headed out to the falls in the neighbouring town instead. Thankfully there were friendly people who could lend me .50 cents for the meter (I only had $3.50 in cash!)

The falls at this time of year are stunning. I love the contrast between the rushing water and the ice that still overhangs parts of the falls.

These two, looking at this picture, you would think they were little angels!
But it's moments like these that I treasue and hold dear.
They truly love eachother and it comes shining through in moments like this. See, even Owen was there...not impressed that I woke him up to put him in a backpack...but he was there!


Lezlie said...

I'm so happy that you made it through the week in one piece! I'm sure God taught you lots during your single-parenting adventure. Let me know if you want to go out some evening. You deserve it!!

Fresh Mommy said...

Oh what a fun adventure.... good thinking momma! Those falls are gorgeous and so are your kiddos!



Christi said...

These pictures are wonderful. I really like the one of your kiddos crossing what looks like a bridge. Where you just see them from behind. Love that one.

Dorothy said...

You're the only person to refer to Kakabeka as a "neighbouring town." :) And you're making me homesick again!