"We have never been called to define God, we have been called to behold Him." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

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April 13, 2009


This is how the eggs get hidden at our house. Even then, we have to play hot and cold to find some of them! Filled with joy. That was our weekend.
Moments like this one thrown into the mix of *life*.
Saturday we hunt for eggs.
Puts the focus on Jesus the rest of the weekend.
Right where it should be.
Owen thought the eggs were a great play toy.
He couldn't figure out how to get them open right away.
Perfect for passing the time while his brother and sister hunted!
Yup, just a little excitement.
Sunday was a wonderful church service.
My Redeemer lives indeed!
Filled with awe and worship and joy.
So *full*.
There is something about worshipping with the body of Christ that shifts my perspective off of me and onto Him.
And by Sunday, I needed a shift of perspective!
Out at my sister-in-laws. (Alexandra was in a pretty dress!)

Not sure what happened to the focus in this picture.....
Troy's mom entertaining Owen.Best buds!
Anthony spent ALL afternoon with Travis(and his other cousin Mitch)
They tormented him endlessly but he LOVED it!One of my nephews and Troy's dad.
It's a tradition to play cards when the family gets together.
I have enjoyed my kids this week. Well there was the incident when....
*Alexandra climbed into Owen's crib at naptime (have yet to figure out how she opened her door.....I think I know but Anthony ain't telling!) and started pulling things from the dresser into his crib.
*Alexandra decided to *help* feed Owen and help him out of the high chair
*I had to repeat "she's only trying to help" about 100 times to stay calm
*Alexandra threw cars at Anthony's head
*I changed sheets at 2:30 one morning and 5:30 another morning.
*I cried cuz I just couldn't handle it anymore
*Watched Anthony try to run Alexandra over on his tricycle. She then proceeded to try to push him off it......
I've learned lots and grown even more. Yes it's been hard. No I don't like having Troy away. Would I change it? Probably not. God totally knew what I needed at this point in my life to work on the sin issues I've been struggling with and this was it.
I am beyond thankful and filled with praises for Him. He truly does put a new song in your heart.

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