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April 09, 2009

The Post in which I Whine to much...

...and post some random picutres to make up for it.
Last night was rough...I saw EVERY. SINGLE. HOUR. on the clock. And NOT because I wanted to. Alexandra wet the bed....cuz I forgot to put her on the potty. I LOVE washing sheets at 2am, don't you?
This morning I am tired and crabby and running really low on patience.
I think if I hear "I DON'T WANT TO" or "NO!"again, I am going to scream.Yesterday I was drooling over lenses that cost too much money for my budget
and really really wishing that we had extra money
(that or our van needs to stop needing to be repaird twice in a week.)
I am EXTREMELY jealous of a friend who has gotten new lenses and lighting equipment
and is starting up a photography and design studio (who I should be HAPPY for, and I AM, just wishing it were me).
I know it's not right to be jealous, but I am.
It doesn't help that my lack of sleep is putting everything out of perspective.
Today is busy.
Anthony is at school, I am babysitting afterschool, Anthony has swimming and then we are going to have dinner at McDonalds.
Here's hoping that tonight I will get some sleep.
So I will have a better perspective,
so I will have patience,
so I will not be in a bad mood.
My favourite picture of her.

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Sally's World said...

all the pictures are great...but that last one, oh my, its an ad campaigne for cutie pies!!!!