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January 31, 2009


Anthony got to go skating with his class on Thursday and he had a blast. It was his first time on skates this year, he went once or twice last year, but he did so well!
He went from this... to being able to skate around leaning on a pylon, to not having to use anything.
I was SO proud of my little boy. He didn't get frustrated or give up!
(An accomplishment in and of itself!)
And he was one of the only J.K kids left with skates on at the end.That's how much he loved it!

His teacher with some of the grade 4 kids
(reading buddies to the J.Ks)

I think it is awesome that they get to be in the same class.

Unfortunately, I ran out of film before I could get a class picture. I will have to get one off one of the other moms!

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Catherine said...

Yeah! Good for Anthony. Future Leaf player here we come (as Cath ducks out quickly before Troy reads this!!)