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January 11, 2009

A visit (or two) with Cath

Catherine, my dear, sweet, friend, was in Thunder Bay over Christmas visiting with her in-laws. I know the trip was long for her and by the end she was more than ready to get back home, get her little one on to some sort of routine, and unpack (both the boxes that come from moving (which they did shortly before coming up ere) and the suitcases from her trip). But I am so very thankful that she was here for about 3 weeks. I got to spend a lot of time with her, more then we have in a long time (given the 2500km distance that normally separates us!).
There is something about having a close friend, it doesn't matter the amount of time or the distance that separates, we can always pick up almost exactly where we left off.
God definately brought us together when we needed it most, and I will be forever grateful for that.
I miss her like cray now and am already counting the days/weeks/months until July and our trip to Southern Ontario so that we can visit again!
Here are some pictures from her visit! Declan at 5 months
The 4 kids together
(my kids LOVE Cath and were sad that she had to leave)
Who says you can't poke your friend in the eye
every once and a while?
Catherine and Alexandra
I am thankful for the friendship we share and grateful that it has stood the test of time, trials and distance.

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