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January 04, 2009

They think it's summer

I love that on freezing cold days, my living room warms up nicely, it's south facing and although that is not so nice in the middle of summer, it is perfect in the middle of winter!!
On one such *cold* day, Anthony decided that he was going to take it upon himself to rearrange the livingroom (whatever...I'm trying to let go of the little things...) so he could play swimming pool with his sister. They would climb up to the back of the armchair and jump off. Well, Anthony would jump and Alexandra would get stuck and loose her nerve (which was fine by me cuz I really didn't feel like taking a trip to the e.r for broken bones on such a *cold* day). Then they would run around like crazy, flop on the floor (the water) and pretend to splash around. This lasted for close to 2 hours. I was really glad I didn't get mad at them for moving the furniture around! Splash!

Yes they were down to diaper and undies by the end!


Courtney said...

Oh my heavens! The name of your blog is perfect for this post! HA! I'm stopping by from MckMama's...your kids are precious and I love your profile description...

God Bless!

Courtney in Indiana

Lindsay said...

Love this! They definitely know how to have a GREAT time ... no matter what the temp. :)