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January 25, 2009


Life, sweet, adventurous, crazy, life. Yesterday Anthony was testing Mommy's patience...again. Seems to be the theme of his life lately. And nothing is working. That being said, yesterday I had to struggle not to laugh at one point.

Anthony was asked to sit and work on printing letters in his write on/wipe off book. I left him at the table so I could talk to Troy. Anthony had said he was done and that he did a good job, so I asked him to bring the book out to me. He did a good job alright....colouring his ARM! So I sent him to timeout cuz he KNOWS markers are ONLY for colouring on paper. I went to talk to him after he had been sitting for a while to find that his face, was BLUE. He opened his mouth and his tounge, teeth and gums were also blue. My darling boy had decided that he would lick his arm in order to get the marker off. He looked ridiculous and I was very glad that I had not booked family pictures for yesterday like I was planning! Today it is mostly gone, although I think it would have been funny if he had gone to church looking like a clown!! Ah well.

I love the Baby Blues comic strips. They make me smile and there are many times I can see a reflection of my life in them. (like the milk jug one above...!)
Once again it is FREEZING out. My kids are stir crazy and I am looking forward to spring...heck, even temperatures in the -10 range would be a blessing!!!!! But it is winter and really, it could be worse. So I will be thankful for the milder days that are strewn here and then admist the cold and try to be creative with things that will keep my kids busy and out of trouble for the days when going outside is just not going to happen.
May the rest of your weekend be filled with joy and smiles, love and warmth.

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Lindsay said...

Hoping your Sunday afternoon has been full of GOOD things!

I know what you mean about wishing for weather that is warmer and kiddos can play outside :)