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January 20, 2009

busy busy mischeif makers....

Oh the trouble (although in the picture they are ACTUALLY playing NICELY with toys!)these two can get into when left to their own devices.....sigh, makes this momma crazy trying to keep an eye on them ALL. THE. TIME.
Boy oh boy is Owen fast, he can make it from one side of my kitchen to the other in under 6s...what is the need for this (ahem, amazing) skill you might wonder? The cat food dish. APPARENTLY he does not get enough food from mommy (and brother and sister) so he has to resort to the cat's dish, either that or he likes the taste cuz there is definately enough crumbs on the floor under the table that the cat food shouldn't be all that enticing! Ah well, there are worse things to ingest!
Alexandra will very very quietly sneak about the house and ever so slowly get into all sorts of trouble. Like the other night, after she was supposed to be in bed mind you, I heard something upstairs (and Troy and the cat were sleeping on the couch) so I go up to see and there is my sweet girl, moving the ironing board out of the way of the counter so she could continue to push the kitchen chair closer, in order to climb up into the cupboard to get a glass. SERIOUSLY!??!
There is NEVER a dull moment in this house, I can tell you that!

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Dorothy said...

Yeah, good luck keeping up with them. I understand velcro might keep them in place....