"We have never been called to define God, we have been called to behold Him." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

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February 01, 2009

Pretty Pictures

This one is my favourite..... But I love the birds in this one

It's been a *hard* few weeks. Been struggling with stagnating, parenting and communication. I have a stack of *good* books sitting on my bedside table that I have yet to open (or open again in some cases), that I truly am looking forward to reading (Don't Make Me Count to Three, Respectable Sins and Idols of the Heart). But my brain is fried and I just can't dig deep enough into them. At least, not deep enough to get anything worthwhile out of them...
I know in my heart that God meets us where we are at. But I'm not even sure where I'm *at* right now. Stuck in a rut and needing to vent, but am well aware that this is not the space for it. (Although I wish that it were cuz then I could let it out and feel better, but that would not be benificial to anyone...)
I miss the close fellowship with God that used to radiate from my life. It has been missing for some time and I long for it back. I know how to get there I'm just *stuck*, stuck in the midst of everything. . .
The pictures didn't turn out exactly as I was hoping they would, but I am happy with them and because I have taken them, I have gotten it out of my system! I might try to take more another time (like in the middle of summer when my fingers wont freeze to the shutter release!) But I have them and they make me smile so it's all good.
The kids are in bed, despite the fact that it is only just 7pm. They were up so late the last few nights and they do not believe in sleeping in OR napping so they are just a little tired! But they had fun playing with friends Friday and hanging out with Aunts and Uncles and Gramma and Poppa Saturday. So it was well worth them staying up...I just paid the price in whinniness and fighting today. But they are sleeping soundly and I am breathing. Off to try and read before my mind completely shuts off!
Have a wonderful week!! And May the Joy of the Lord surround you as you live for Him.


Lindsay said...

Stand Tall.
Breathe Deep.
KNOW that HE is with you. {always}

Sending you some love today - and hoping that you find some time with Him.

My goal when I don't have time ... unceasing prayer! Then at least I'm constantly thinking of Him.

Hugs -

lifeonwindyridge said...

Love these pictures!

Catherine said...

I'm prayig for you sweetie. If you need to vent there is always my shoulder (or email if you need to write it out!)
Just to make you feel better, I took over 400 pictures at the butterfly conservatory last year, and 5 of those were worth keeping. And I never did do Declans baby announcment the way I wanted because try as I might I could not get it the way I was seeing it in my mind. Sometimes it is hard to get what you see inside and outside to be the same (keep trying on the shots but I think they are pretty amazing and I might get a copy off you as I NEVER got a good grain shot) oh, and Dave struggles with this all the time with his art (hence why he doesn't have a big tattoo yet, he can't get onto the paper what he sees in his head, what he puts down looks great but it isn't "right" to him).
I should have babysat for you for a day in T.Bay and let you take my camera. If you don't have your new one by the time you visit here, let me know and we can hit up downtown ad you can use mine.