"We have never been called to define God, we have been called to behold Him." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

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February 07, 2009

Today I actually managed to read one section in the book Don't Make Me Count To Three (Ginger Plowman). And I am throughly enjoying it. It is a book on heart-oriented discipline, based on the concepts in Sheparding a Child's Heart (which I also own and have, in two and a half years, still not finished....it's good, just heavy) but is very easy to read and is broken up in manageable chuncks. I learned, or was at least reminded, of a whole lot of stuff that I have managed to forget in the day to day task of rasing my kids.
"Being a mom... it's about molding character, building confidence, nurturing, training, and guiding. There is nothing like the infulence that a mother has on her child."
I love that quote. So often it is easy to forget why we mother. In the midst of daily life with little ones, things get overwhelming and I forget what God is calling me to do. I forget that THIS act of mothering is important and that it truly DOES matter in the *big picture*. It reminds me exactly how important being a mom is.
Today was wonderful. Anthony, Alexandra and I had a blast playing outside this morning. Chipping up snow on the driveway, sliding down the drifts in our front yard, making piles of snow and then coming in to enjoy *warmed up chocolate milk* (also known as hot chocolate.....) and brownies. I am incredibly thankful that the weather is warming up enough that I can get the kids outside.
Tonight, tonight there are stars out and, better yet, I can SEE them, for some reason the light pollution is less tonight and the stars are brighter. I have this thing for stars (and it rivals my thing for water). There is just something about starring up into the velvety blackness of the sky and seeing all the little pin pricks of light shining back at you.
What an AWESOME reminder of the Glory of God. I love the night sky. It's part of His creation and I feel at home when I can just sit (or lay) and watch the night sky. All is well with my faith and the world when I can stop and take the time to truly appreciate that
"The heavans declare the glory of God and the skies proclaim the works of His hands" Psalm 19:1
May you night be filled with the glory of God. Happy weekend!

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Lindsay said...

I think I have a new book to buy now :)

Hoping that your world is filled with GREAT things today!

Blessings ~