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February 03, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

This is a tag that is going around facebook. Seeing as I had typed it out for that, I figured I migh as well post it here to. If you want to *play* along, consider yourself *tagged* :)

1- i am just mildly addicted to blogging...it is my release
2 - swedish berries are my weakness
3- have craved nutella since pregnant with owen, swedish berries dipped in nutella are even better
4 - i love photography and hope to take a class on it come sept
5 - fall is my faviourite season...what's not to like about it?
6 - i miss summer camp and that season of my life, i get really nastalgic when i think about it
7- i'm stubborn (with a capital S)
8- am terrified of bees (most other things don't phase me)
9- my house looks like a hurricane has hit
10 - i love hanging clothes on my line but refuse to do it in the winter (i like my fingers when they aren't frozen)
11- owen is bouncing on my knee as i type (and pulling out hair in the process)
12- baking is theraputic...especially choc chip cookies
13-hope to be getting a nikon D60 or D80 this summer
14- am looking forward to summer and beaches and camping
15- anthony was named after troy (its his middle name)
16-i love reading but don't often have time (or brain power) for it
17-i miss canoe tripping...when the kids get older i'll start taking them
18-i love living in thunder bay but am sad that there are friends and family i rarely get to see
19-i think 25 things is a lot!
20- i like my homemade pizza better than any from a store
21- my sling (for owen) is a lifesaver and i wish i had had it for all my kids (but was to cheap)
22- being a mom is different from everythign i thought it would be but i wouldn't trade what i do for the world. i love it too much
23- i rarely wear makeup (and if i do it is only mascarra)
24- i will be married 6 years this summer (6...where has the time gone?)
25- i love the smell of fresh baked bread, campfires and the smell of spring and fall.


Lindsay said...

Love this ... gives me a glimpse into the blogger friend I truly cherish :)

Catherine said...

I wonder what it is abut pregnancy cravings that last? I still crave ice cubes (I just no longer fish them out of Daves glass in public. I guess it could be worse and be gross or fattening stuff.