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February 24, 2009

A Post

It's been about a week since we have left the house. We're all been sick and I haven't felt like dragging the kids out and about simply to 'get out of the house'. HOWEVER, this morning when Anthony went to school, Alexandra threw a FIT because she "want to go to playschool...I want to go to playschool NOW!" You can't reason with a 2 1/2 year old. Playschool, is Thursday, today is Tuesday. I think, when Owen wakes up from his nap we are going to go to the mall. Simply to 'get out of the house'!

Thanfully I am feeling better today. My sore throat is gone and my energy is (mostly) back so we are going to go off on an adventure. Cuz the walls are starting to close in and the kids are going to, very soon, be swinging from the rafters (or, that is they would if we had rafters for them to swing on!)

I am loving my new camera, although that being said, I am NOT loving the learning curve that
comes with it. Too many buttons and settings and 'things'! Ah well, it took me a while to get used to my F80 when I first got it so I do know that, eventually, this camera will feel at home in my hands as well. Just struggling with trying to get some good pictures in anything but the auto mode right now. Cuz if I wanted to shoot in just auto, I would have bought a point and shoot!
Well, my mother-in-law is here to play with Alexandra so I should go and say hi and see if she wants a coffee!


Lindsay said...

Sorry you've all been under the weather ... but the pictures are GREAT!

Keep smiling :)

mommytoalot said...

awww sure hope you feel better.
we've all been sick as well.
great pictures btw
i sure wish i had a new camera..

Catherine said...

I spent months in the auto mode. I figure there is a huge learning curve regardless so I got the rest of the camera down, then starrted taking an auto, check the settings, try manual etc.. I still shoot on auto if I am out somewhere and want decent pictures fast (ie. at the cn tower the other day, all my pics were on auto)