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February 11, 2009

Small Things

Tonight, as I sit here, with my nice (semi-cold) can of pop (which I bought at the grocery store that we took all 3 kids to a 6pm tonight (cuz we needed groceries...but that's another story, or maybe not, given that they were the wonderful darlings I know that they can be) sorry...rabbit trail :)

Tonight I am thankful for so many things. Things that I don't often pay attention to through out the day because they seem insignificant or I am so caught up in something else that I just don't notice.

*the GREAT BIG PUDDLE that is sitting at the end of our driveway. Why am I thankful for that? Cuz it means that we are (FINALLY) getting temperatures above zero!!
(although,I may not be so thankgul for it tomorrow when my kids decide that it'll be a good idea to go splashing in...it's not THAT warm yet!)

*swimming pools

*2 and a half (almost) hour naps (for mommy! the kids slept longer) Cuz I NEEDED it. (I was dragon mom this morning...just ask my kids, I'm sure they'll tell you!)

*the cold(ish) Coke I'm drinking

*that tomorrow is a school day

*the rain that is still lightly falling

*Troy, who gets the kids at 6am so that I can sleep for another hour(ish)

*the little boy smell of my oldest as he snuggles deeper into his comforter in his sleep

* Alexandra peeing on the potty (my strong-willed darling is fighting this battle for all she is worth, I think she wants to go to Kindergarden in diapers!!)

*my mommy comes on Monday for 5 days

*watching Alexandra snuggle with Troy and her blankie on the couch

*construction paper, glue, crayons and tissue paper.

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Holly said...

This is a really cute post! It reminds me of the "100 thing I love" one I did last week. :)