"We have never been called to define God, we have been called to behold Him." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

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March 09, 2009


I find it so incredibly encouraging the way God works. Sunday we had a really good sermon at church...at least, it was really good for me. It was convicting and required me to search my heart in a way that I haven't in a while. (I am thankful for the friends who, even though I wasn't able to give words to the tears, came along side to offer hugs and prayers. Sweet fellowship and caring.)

I came home from church Sunday and spent time just journaling and reading. I decided I would just continue on in the Psalms and the next Psalm waiting for me to read it was Psalm 94. I was reading along and verse 14 jumps out at me, I keep going and am truly floored by verses 17 to 19. I keep reading, and the next four Psalms are all about PRAISING God.

God knew what I needed to hear yesterday and even though I am still processing I am awed that He would take time to speak to me. It blows me away and I am beyond grateful.

And again tonight, Psalm 101 and 102. Completely speaking to my heart after a long day.

I am sharing this tonight, more than I would normally share, because I need to lift my praises up to God. Because sometimes, it is good to be reminded of the little ways God works in my life.

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On a completely unrealted note. Anthony walked 2.9kms today WITHOUT whinning or fussing or asking to be picked up. We walked to MOPS this morning and I pushed (oldest and youngest) or backpacked (the girl) all the kids (that would be 90lbs of kid), but there was no way I was able to do it on the way home so Anthony walked and we had so much fun.
The ice along the sidewalks have gotten to the point where it is white and flakey so if you step on it, it makes a really loud crunch. We would take turns crunching the ice and *skating* on the patches of ice that were slippery. I was so proud of Anthony today.

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