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March 04, 2009

Books, Cars and Rice

Today was wonderful! SO thankful. I started out dreading it just a little. It was going to be busy, but with just enough space between things to make going home inbetween difficult. There was storytime at the library which all my kids adore, so there was NO WAY I was staying home from that (which would have been the logical solution to my timing issues). Left the library at 11:40 and spent close to the next 2 hours driving around our city.

I had a planning meeting for MOPS at 1:30 and I knew that Owen was going to fall asleep in the car on the way home (and then wake up before I could get him into bed and not go back to sleep before I had to leave for the meeting) so I grabbed the Tim Horton's gift cards my parents gave the kids for valentines, bought lunch for us and then just drove. Owen slept. I listened to the same song (what felt like 100 times) cuz the big kids wanted to hear it "Again Mom, again!". Got lost at one point, but figured if I just kept taking left turns and then right turns I would eventually find my way back to a road I recognized and thankfully, it worked!

We got home at 3ish and played outside for awhile cuz it was +2 today (YAY!!) had dinner (cereal cuz Troy was working and I seriously didn't see the need to make a dinner my kids were going to complain about eating), watched the movie we got from the library (Mickey Mouse), read stories and put VERY sleepy children to bed (and not a one of them has made a noise since I tucked them in)

Today was filled with blessings and moments of grace and I am thrilled!
Yesterday, I let Alexandra *feed* her baby. I wanted to wash some dishes and clean out my baking cupboard (there were things in there that expired in 2005...oops) so I gave her some rice, coconut, cinnamon hearts and some hazelnuts in their shells and she had a blast! Yes, it was ALL over my floor but I needed to clean it anyway and she spent 2 hours playing. It was WELL worth the price of stepping on rice and coconut flakes with every step I took. (Have I mentioned I am L.O.V.I.N.G my camera?)

This week has been so good for me. I am filled with joy and it is so welcome in my life right now.


Lisa said...

Met you on my blog- so nice of you to drop in!

I love this post- Alexandra (love her name) is precious and these pictures made me laugh right out loud!

Lindsay said...

GREAT photos ... I'm glad your LOVING your new camera :)

Happy Thursday ... almost Friday!