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March 17, 2009

March Break

This week is March Break so both Troy and Anthony are home. It's been a really good week so far. Anthony and Troy spent ALL day Monday ice fishing with Auntie 'chele and Uncle Mikey.

He had a GREAT time, although, when told he was going ice fishing, the first words out of his mouth were:
"YES!! I LOVE the snacks!"

Apparently they pack REALLY good snacks when they fish :) They didn't catch anything, but I really don't think that mattered to Anthony. He was just thrilled to be there. Alexandra was SO very upset that she was being left behind though. She's at that age where she KNOWS when she isn't getting to do the *fun* thing. So I let her play in the sink most of the morning. It's one of here favourite pass-times.

Today, Anthony got to spend most of the day with Troy's mom. He had a good time. The rest of us just spent some really good time together. We went shopping (cuz Alexandra got to choose what we did as she was *left behind* again today). She got a new spring jacket (have one for Myah Angela) and pretty pink shoes (I love Old Navy clearance!) Then we all went out to Uncle Mikey and Auntie Michele's house for a fish fry (and birthday cake since it's 'chele's birthday on Thursday . It's been a wonderfully full two days and the rest of the week is more of the same.

Tomorrow we are attempting the pictures again. . . . And this time, it is Alexandra's turn to play with a friend and leave her big brother at home!

The snow is MELTING!! I spent the afternoon shovelling it OFF my lawn and into the driveway so it would melt faster (yes, I am a little bit of a freak)...but I really really want the snow gone. I appreciate winter, just DONE with it! This week is supposed to be more of the same warmish weather and maybe even some rain!! YAY for spring!

I am incredibly thankful for this week. I am growing and changing and I am at peace with it and I am filled with peace. I am just really content and that, my blogging friends, is awesome.

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Lindsay said...

May that peace you felt continue to give you joy like no other!! :)

Happy Break ... mine starts in 2 days :) Can't wait!

Have a wonderful Wednesday friend ~