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March 11, 2009

Scratching my Head

Things that make you go "hmmmm":

So we got *snow* here last night, just over 30cm. There are roads that are closed, there are roads that still haven't been plowed, people are still trying to dig their way out. (Out of snow that is knee deep)

ALL the school bus routes (city and rural) are cancelled. Rural schools are closed BUT the city schools? They are still open....go firgure.

The winter storm warning is STILL in effect, the wind is gusting to 60 km/h and the wind chill is -33 (ish). But those schools....they are still open.

If it was a school day for Anthony, he would be staying home.....there is NO way I would load my three kids into a car, to drive (what is normally 5 but would probably tatke close to 20 mins) to a school where there are going to be very few kids cuz there are no buses running. Why would I chance driving on roads taht haven't been cleared?

I don't get it. :)

That being said, I had thought that this much snow at this point in March would frustrate me. But looking out the window this morning, I am thankful. I am thankful for the wonderful coating of white that has fallen and covered the half melted, sand-filled, dirty snow. I am thankfull that once this *nasty* wind stops, the kids will be able to play in fresh snow (instead of the icy pelts of stuff that is normally left on the ground at this time of year).

And spring will come, I will see the grass and there will be a day when I will not have to wrestle with snowpants and hats and mitts and boots and jackets before the kids go out. And that day will come sooner then I think. God gives us seasons, and despite the fact that this season of winter seems to last forever in Northern Ontario, it is only a season and there is an end. I lose perspective when the dark days seems endless but spring will be here before we know it.

Now off to dig out!! :)

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Catherine said...

I always thought it was so unfair to those who had to sit in school while their friends got to stay home and "play" in teh snow all day. I was also very jealous of my frineds in Barrie who always got snow days. Did T.O EVER have a snao day when we were there. Doubt it :)