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March 30, 2009


Saturday morning was really cold out so the kids and I spent the morning making salt dough ornaments. We will spend next week painting and glittering and decorating them. Maybe get a wire wreath and then attach them to that for our front door. We shall see how ambitious I am feeling!

2 cups flour
1 cup sat
1 cup water

Mix flour and salt. Add half the water, stir, add rest of the water. Knead untill smooth (about 10 mins). Roll out dough, cut out shapes and bake.
I bake mine at 200 for about 1.5 hours and then let them sit in the oven until the oven loses all its heat. (The instructions say 350 for an hour but I find it cooks to fast and the dough bubbles and the edges go brown.)So yesterday, I baked. And seriously, I use the term rather loosely!
I think a better description of what I did would be:

Opened the packaged Took out the frozen, pre-formed cookies and placed on sheet.
Put cookies in oven, took out of oven 10 mintues later and set to cool.

The ONLY reason (other than I am lazy) that I have pre-formed frozen cookie dough in my freezer at all is because one of the gr 8 students at Anthony's school lives in our area and came knocking on the door to sell us some cookie dough as a fundraiser for their gr.8 grad trip to Toronto. I figure why not?

They were good cookies and I still have 36 more to bake!

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