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March 14, 2009

A Saturday

* Troy's in Dryden playing hockey
*6:30 wake up call consisting of having curdled milk puked all over me
*not getting a shower until 11:30

*3 kids, 1 mom and an attempted photoshoot.....yeah good luck with that! (They all looked like they were terrified of the guy taking the pictures....we reschedualed but I might attempt my own shoot of them at home prior to Wed)

*sunshiney, warm, mom out in only a t-shirt and vest (didn't even need the vest)

*grocery shopping at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon (just a little INSANE)

*3 PERFECTLY behaved children

*a 2 1/2 year old who walked beside me holding the cart the ENTIRE time cuz her big brother was feeling sick and wanted to ride

*# of freakouts (from mom or kids) ZERO!

*today was priceless!!!

What a better way to spend a saturday? Well, outside in the snow but Anthony is STILL feeling sick and tired and complaining of a sore throat ALL day so I opted not to make him play. Seeing as he's done nothing but lounge on the couch when we have been home. . .not really like him. :(

This week has been a struggle in more ways than one but today, today was wonderful. I was totally at peace with where God has called me to be and with what he is working on in my life, it's not easy, but He never promised that it would be. And I know that the struggles will come back, my stubborn will has something to do with that! But I so desperately needed the respite that today brought. I needed to be reminded that the kids and I can still have fun together. I am beyond thankfull for today.
Can you guess what we spent this morning doing?

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mommytoalot said...

Awww so glad you had a perfect day.
Hooray!!! Very well behaved kids = great parenting..
love Candyland