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March 10, 2009

Good Book

Friends of mine gave me a book for my birthday called "Photographing Children: Photo Workshop" and I am LOVING it. It is a wealth of information that I will be lucky if I can take all in! One of the best things about the book (at least right now seeing as I STILL haven't had a chance to do more then skim it) is that all the pictures are labelled with the shutter speed, f-stop value and the ISO #. It is helpful. Becuase there are times when I check out a blog or a website on photography and I think "Self, I really like that picture. But what settings/lens etc. did the photographer use to acheive that look" And now, at least in this book, I know.
And, the bonus....there is even a *small* section geared towards lenses (cuz that's the next purchase on my list of camera gear).

I'm hoping, maybe, possibly, I can dream, in about 12 to 18 months to be *good* enough that I can hopefully open up a portrait studio geared to kids and families. But you know, it's just a dream and if it takes longer or doesn't happen.... well, I'm allowed to dream.

* * * * *
Owen had a dr's appointment today, I was hoping he had hit the 20lbs mark and could sit forward facing in the car. No such luck. He's tall but still only *just* 19lbs. The kid keeps sprouting up without filling out. He is, by far, the tallest of all my kids at this age. Ah well, no big deal.
As I sit here and type this, I can see the clouds starting to block out the snow. We are supposed to get a pretty major snow storm here this afternoon in to the evening. About 30ish cm( 10ish inches). At least the snow will make everything white and pretty again....trying to think positive here! I keep hoping that it's not going to come but the clouds keep getting thicker.
Tomorrow is going to be a nice relaxing home day. Maybe let the older two run off some energy in the freshly fallen snow while Owen naps in the morning. Troy needs to take the van in (yay for engine lights....) and I don't feel like trying to work my schedual around that so home we will stay. And that's a good thing.


Courtney and the Boys said...

Hi there!!!! Thanks for following my blog! As I popped over to yours and I read the first couple of paragraphs in this post, I thought, "This girl sounds just like me!" I won a DSLR in December and have just been taken with photography ever since. That book sounds perfect because I always have the same questions when I see great photographs...what was the aperture set at? White balance? Shutter speed? What kind of lens? And I've even had thoughts of taking pictures of kids and families down the road. I LOVE it. What kind of camera do you have?



Lindsay said...

The book sounds great ... maybe I need to start reading more :)

Enjoy the peacefulness that comes your way today ... even if it's only a few minutes at a time :)

Here's to DREAMING big dreams!! :)