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March 06, 2009

Guess What!?!?

Alexandra spent ALL morning in underwear. At someone else's house cuz we were at a playdate. NO accidents!!!!! SOOOOO PROUD of her! So bye bye diapers during the day!!!!!

SO...we are off to buy more underwear later today....Dora and Strawberry Shortcake and maybe, just maybe some princess ones :)

I am thankful, very very thankful. I know we are not *there* yet but this is a HUGE step. My strong-willed child has decided to sit on the potty when I ask her too, I thought this day would (seriously) NEVER come.

There is a smile on my face today.


Dorothy said...

Strange...I have no children and yet a full supply of potty training stories...

Lindsay said...

Whoo Hoo!! :)