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March 24, 2009

My Little Gymnast

O. My. Word
Alexandra has 1) NO fear and 2) a talent for gymnastics that I didn't realize.
She did AWESOME today. Tried everything, including the handstands, seat drops on the trampoline, and the thigh-high (on me) balance beam!
This kid floored me. The balance beam station has three beams, one that sits on the floor, one that is about as high as my ankle and the other that is thigh height. Where does she go first? The tallest one. Climbs up on it with NO help and wanted to RUN across. Her coach convinced her she should try walking first!
I didn't even realize she could balance on one foot, let alone balance on a mushroom shaped stool on one foot.
I am SO happy we put her in and I think we will be continuing to put her in until she lets me know it is somethingshe no longer wants to do.
The BAD part abuot today? the 25 mintue screaming, hitting, on the floor tantrum that occured when it was time to leave (and the class was an hour!) Ah well, it means she had fun and used up all her energy!
I will post picture next week. I took my camera, but we got freezing rain last night and the parking lot was a skating rink so I opted to not try to balance me, Owen, ALexandra, a baby backpack and the camera. So next week there will be pictures!
And I just heard a crash so I think I need to go see why Dora is no longer holding her attention!


Life with Kaishon said...

I didn't want to offend anyone with that post I just personally don't like them. I am SO happy that you and your children enjoy them. Lovely.

Life with Kaishon said...

Kaish LOVED to go to gymnastics when he was little. We had a great program for 3 year olds. Kids can do amazing things, can't they? : )

Lindsay said...

Nice! Looks like the beginning of many fun times for your little girl!

Sally's World said...

sound like alot of fun...

Dana said...

let me know how baby Owen is doing. It's so worrisome to see them so sick! Have you and Troy picked a night yet? I can come over to your place and watch the kids. It'll be easier for you then!