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October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Fest

Last Saturday, the older kids and I braved the drizzle and chilliness of the weather and headed out to Gammondale Farm for their annual Pumpkin Fest. Anthony has been asking since August if we could go so, we went and despite the weather we had a blast. I was however, thankful that Troy was home and able to stay with Owen, it meant I could have some time with just the big ones. This time of year is wonderful with all the things that are going on for kids, and I am happy that my kids do enjoy doing things like this (cuz their mom still enjoys doing things like this but shhh...don't tell anyone!)

They wanted to climb this, but it was a little too tricky,
especially since neither one wanted to actually touch the straw with their hands!
the no left turns maze....they made left turns!

Alexandra LOVED this, she rode it 4 times
(I was just happy I didn't have to squeeze into a car with her this year!)

Racing duckies

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

I love the rooster!! and the cutout for picture opps :)

Looks like a fantastic time!! :)

Happy Halloween friend!!