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October 09, 2008

Our Bags are Packed...

...and we're ready to go!

After much running around and last minute *stuff*, cuz there's ALWAYS *stuff*. I am finally ready for the plane ride with the kids tommorrow. More than the plane ride though, both the kids and I are excited about getting to go see Grandma and Deda.

It is hard having family far away, but I know that I appreciate it all the more when I do get to see them. This will be the last trip down until summer (when we will attempt a *roadtrip* with the kids). I can't wait to get off that plane in Toronto and see my family. The kids are FLYING HIGH with excitement. . . . Toronto HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!

(I may not update a lot, I plan to throughly enjoy my time with my family and create memories for my kids! Then again, my mom LOVES spending time with them so I may have MORE time!!!!)

Anthony's teacher called me today at lunch cuz he was so upset about something and wanted to talk to me (and then proceeded to cry over the phone hat he wanted me to come and give him a hug RIGHT NOW! (talk about breaking my heart). His teacher got back on wanting to know if I wanted to come and pick him up (nope!). He was just 1)tired 2)excited 3) stressed cuz it was lunchtime and he doesn't like the lunchroom/monitor (not really sure which, had a good talk with the teacher about that today too, and she is going to let him eat in the classroom for a while). I also found out that I can volunteer in his class so I am looking forward to finding out more about that once we get back.

I appreciate his teacher taking the time on her lunch break to let my son call me, to talk to me about the lunch lady (whom Anthony has been saying right from the start that he doesn't really like) and that she took the time to help me piece together just what exactly it might be that is upsetting Anthony so much. She took time out of a busy day to make sure my son was alright and I really appreciate that, more than words can say. It was good to know that she cares about him too.

So to teachers out there, thanks for going the extra mile for the kids in your class. This is one parent who appreciates it and understands the extra effort it requires after a long day/week/month. THANK YOU!


Lindsay said...

Safe travels friend!! Can't wait to hear all about it when you return!

** and thanks for thanking teachers... we can't hear it enough! :)

Catherine said...

Yeah!!!!!!!! I CAN'T wait to see you and the kids, it has been way to long. I will call you at your parents to discuss details!!!