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October 31, 2008

Gooey Goodness

Last year, Anthony and I made caramel apples. So what did Anthony want to do this year?? Yuppers, make caramel apples. It is much easier with one child than with two BUT...if you're going to make them with two kids you might as well invite friends over and make them with 4 kids :) Next year, Owen will be old enough to er, help...we will see how that works :)

This is the best part!!


I don't know about your kids, but mine, especially Anthony, are super excited for tonight. He has been asking for over a week if it was time yet. Yesterday didn't help with his JK class having their party (which was fun and I will have pictures). Tonight we are going over to friends for dinner and then we will take the kids out over there. Anthony the dragon and Alexandra the lion. There's something to be said about Trick or Treating. I love that people, who are normally so involved in their own lives, take an evening to answer their doors and hand out treats and talk to their neighbours. It is a time, especially in our neighbourhood, where people visit with one another as they take the kids door to door. I love that kids (and adults) can take a night a dress-up out in public, I m,ean my kids wear costumes whenever but it's a night where they don't get comments about it!! So have fun and be safe tonight, whatever it is you may be doing!!

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Lindsay said...

I hope your Halloween was full of wonderful things!! I so wish I lived in your neighborhood ... I'd be over for some of that caramel apple fun!! :)