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October 23, 2008

The kids and I are back home and settled into the routine of home today. It was a fantastic trip. The kids were surrounded in love and kisses and playtime and I got a very much needed break to just be. And being is wonderful. I am now refreashed and ready :) Although this morning threw that for a test run....Anthony is missing Grandma and Deda and he really (read kicking screaming, hissy fitting, refusal to get on the bus) really didn't want to go to school. Didn't get on the bus so we had to drive him, and then I proceeded to spend 5 minutes trying ot get him to remove the deathgrip he had around my neck! His teacher called about 11:30ish to let me know that he settled down pretty well but that little things (like the librarian not being in the school today) would get him really upset. But he took the bus home and he was a happy, content little boy when he got off. So we are ready for the rest of the week.
Owen is sitting, I do use the term loosely, but it is sitting. Just resting on his arms as they are resting on the floor between his legs!
And yes, for everyone that has noticed, I am aware the lincoln is spelt wrong in my header but I can not fix it as photoshop has stopped working on my computer (for whatever reason!)
But I must go, a screaming baby is letting me know he is hungry and the yelling from the basement is letting me know that Max and Ruby is over and they want to know if they can watch the Backyardigans :)

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Lindsay said...

Welcome Home!! :)