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October 15, 2008

Family Times....

These pictures were taken by my Uncle Bill (or at least, using his camera) They are from Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house. It was a beautiful day out and we all had a wonderful time visiting with eachother.
Uncle Stefan and Alexandra Uncle Stefan and Anthony

My brothers, Stefan and Eric
Gigi (my grandmother) and Alexandra


Lindsay said...

LOVE the banner!! What a GREAT picture to capture - seriously!!

Looks like EVERYONE had a fantastic time just being together!

Catherine said...

Aww, the one of Gigi and Alexandra is priceless. I have one of my Grandma reading to me at our cottage around that age and it is one of my favorite pictures (it is framed on our wall now. And um yeah, no way is Eric that big, what happened to the scrawny little kid???? We are getting to old Kates.