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October 07, 2008

Letting Go...

I said I would update again yesterday and I just didn't get there. Couldn't. Yesterday was long, it started off great, a rare morning when we are all up and happy and working on getting out of the house together. It was the first day of MOPS and I wanted to arrive early at the host church because I wanted to make sure the coffee was ready and the snacks were on the table and that the tables and chairs for the moms were set up (a frequent problem last year, they weren't). Alas, it was not to be. God is teaching me to take things in stride I think. I got to the church at 8:45am and it was locked. The foyer was dark, the office was dark. They had forgotten that MOPS was starting and there was no one there. I waited until 9am (and by that point we had some moms starting to show) thinking that maybe they would open at 9. Silly me! Thankfully I had a cell phone and one of the childcare volunteers had a husband at home with access to a phone book. The youth pastor showed up, opened the door and said he would look into getting us our own key (because the church is now closed on Mondays). Not the start we were looking for but, the day proceeded fairly smoothly after that. I just had to let go of the fact that things weren't going to be perfect and that we were going to be late in starting (two things that I really struggle with. I like things to be perfect and it really really bothers me when I am late, or things I am helping to organize start late). But God is teaching me to let it go and let Him, which is a lesson I know that I will need to keep learning continually!

Today is a lazy day. The kids were really busy all weekend and as a result are super tired. We had the fall walk with our church Sunday afternoon and it was wonderful. It was so nice to be out walking and worshiping with friends. The place we walked was perfect for kids too. Because it is a cross country ski centre in the winter, the trails are good for strollers, but both my kids walked most of the way to the lookout. I loved being out and enjoying the fall colours and the cool crisp air. Enjoying the blessings that He has provided us. It was great, I can't even find the words to explain how I felt after, but joyful and peace-filled come close.
Owen all cozy for the walkAnthony and Abby taking a rest from running togetherThanks to Kevin for this picture!

And Jessie for this picture! (Anthony's hiding under the blanket cuz the 'puppy' is trying to eat him!)

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Lindsay said...

The best part of this post... seeing you in the pictures!! :) What a beautiful family you are!

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