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October 24, 2008


I love watching Anthony and Alexandra when we first arrive somewhere that we haven't been in a long time. In this case at my parents house. It is really enat to see what they remember from the previous time and what they don't. Or the things that they are excited about compared with the things that they really don't care about. My parents had a dog up until Juneish when they had to put him down. We didn't tell the kids, mostly because they only see him once in a while and I wasn't sure that they would understand so we were going to wait until we were there to talk about it. Alexandra didn't notice at all and it took Anthony until about half way through the second day to ask where Patches was. I told him and that was that. He never brought it up again, which surprised me. But hey, he's a kid and they usually find ways to surprise me.
We hadn't even made it out of the airport before Anthony was asking for this:And he asked for this, as soon as he got out of the van:
This was Alexandra's first time on it and once she got over being cautious, she loved it!

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