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December 17, 2010

Her First Recital

Last night, Alexandra danced for the first time on stage - ever, in front of a lot of people. 
She LOVED it!!
She remembered the steps and her smile never left her face the entire night.
The Beginner's group was the last to dance and she kept leaning over to ask if it was her turn yet. It was great for her to see the senior dancers dancing too. She knows a few of the senior dancers, so she knows what she has to look forward to in a few years.
 For know, this is what they wear to dance in. At the end of January they will get the actual Ukrainian costumes so when they dance at the Folklore Festival in and and at their year end concert, they will all be in traditional dress. 
 And this would be Anthony, being Anthony, at his sister's recital! 
It was a good thing that Aunts and Uncles and Gramma were there to keep him occupied (and then Saint Nikolai came and gave all the kids bags of candy!)

I am so proud of my daughter. I danced for years and I remember my first recital (I was a blackbird in Sing a Song of Six Pence). So it was nice for me to see that Alexandra truly LOVES to dance. My social butterfly thrives. 

And you what, for only having had 10 dance classes, she's doing a GREAT job!

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