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March 01, 2010

Cuteness (and a little babbling too)

Miss "L"

and my Princess

I love these pictures, they are some of my favourites. They almost make me think I could do this thing called photography for others. . .almost.

There are days I hate the fact that I am a perfectionist, that I am insecure in my abilities, that I am sometimes, only capable of seeing what's wrong with the thing, and not what is good.

Not just in pictures, but in so many other places too.

Not good. . .at all.

Trying to surrender that need to be perfect, trying to let it go and know that I don't need to be perfect, I just need to be willing to surrender and change and grow as I am being called to.

Last week was long, too long. Sick kids, cold weather, not getting out of the house,
life, really.

But the weekend was wonderful.

Swimming and skating and friends over to watch the gold medal hockey game.

Sunshine and warm weather and snow that is melting faster I thought was possible at this point in the year.

Thankful for so much, the Thursday evening communion service at church (a rarity, but very much needed for this momma's heart)

Little kid laughter and healthy kids this Monday morning.

For a husband that let me sleep in this morning and kids the actually woke up happy (makes all the difference in the world to the tone of our day!)

Thankful that I get to see a very good friend in the not to distant future (!) and super excited about it.

Shocked at the fact that I turn 30 very very soon...

30...sheesh, there are days when I still feel about 18!

Well, it is beautiful here today, and I think it is time to take advantage of that fact and get the kids outside.

Working on seeing the good this week, the blessings that surround me on a daily basis.

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Lezlie said...

I'm happy that this week is already looking bright and that you had some much needed blessings in you life last week. Have a great week :)