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March 22, 2010

Has it really been a week??

WOW! What a busy, fun, crazy week. We have been on March Break here and it has been *great*. We took the kids bowling and they loved it, even Owen would pick the balls up and carry them over to the lane and drop them. Then he'd stand there and clap as they'd roll to the end, it was really cute.

Bowling is the only thing I managed to get pictures of, seeing as I didn't go ice fishing with the big kids, I wanted too but was babysitting and Owen is still a little young to be gone ALL day. Anthony and Alexandra had a blast though. Alexandra is already talking about going fishing in the boat come summer!

Anthony had a sleepover with his aunt and uncle. He got to shoot his first bb gun (yeah, mom was thrilled to hear that. . .but he is a boy and loves that kind of stuff AND I know he was safe!) and found a nest and some eggs from last year so they are now gracing our front door (because I refused to bring them inside, mostly because Anthony would want to sleep with them!)

There were birthday parties to go to and dinners out and last night we were over at a friend's house to have a fire and cook s'mores. It was a wonderful way to end the break (and the kids even slept in this morning!!)

Now it is back to routine. The girls haven't seen all that much of eachother over the last week despite me babysitting because Alexandra has been out so much, so they are actually playing very nicely this morning. We have plans to decorate pots and plant some beans, marigolds and sunflowers today.

Life is flying by. I am having trouble believing that this is the last full week of March. Seriously? Where did it go? Before I know it, Easter is going to be here and then it will be Owen's birthday (there is no way he is going to be 2!).

There are days when I feel like I blink and miss so much of what is happening. Trying to be intentional about slowing down and savouring this time, these years that pass in a blur of motion.

I'm listening to the girl's playing downstairs and they are making me smile. I love being able to listen in without them realizing it. You can learn so much about who they are by how they play.

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Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

Bowling with the family is so fun! -A little chaotic for us, but fun still. :) I love your pictures, and love that even Owen got in on the action. :)