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March 10, 2010

Little Miss Sunshine

Can you tell she didn't want her picture taken?!

So many, many thinks to be thankful for lately. The list would be endless.
  • sunshine
  • warm weather
  • greenish grass
  • smiles
  • little kid belly laughs
  • a visit with a close close friend
  • march break and a couple day break from babysitting
  • friendships in general
  • being able to go out for dinner simply because it's been a long day
  • facebook and the *connections* that happen there
  • family
  • sweet conversations with my oldest
  • listening to Alexandra sing made up songs of praise, simply because she wants to dance
  • friends who remember that coffee and swedish berries are my weakness and go to the trouble to bring me some on my birthday!!
  • a caring, considerate, selfless husband who does SO SO much for me and the kids
  • good books (that I can read cover to cover in 2 days)
  • splashing in puddles and cracking ice all on the same day
  • the smell of spring and earth and dampness that comes this time of year
  • the daylight that lasts longer and longer each day
  • clear, velvet black skies with the glowing of stars
  • parks that have the swings up
  • little ones that LOVE the slide and know how to climb the stairs to use it
  • cameras and pictures and the little bit of happiness they bring
Well, there's more, but it's late. I love that God has blessed me with so so much, even on the days when it is a struggle for me to remember what I am thankful for (or that there IS anything to be thankful for...sad that I can live in such rich country and forget that there are things to be thankful for....all because my attitude is crappy....working on changing that though)
It's almost March Break and I am looking forward to all the wonderful adventures our little family is going to have. The big kids get to go ice fishing, we'll all go bowling and mini putting and out for dinner. We were thinking of going to Duluth, but decided that if we stayed here it would be 1)cheaper 2)less stress 3)we can do things we wouldn't normally get a chance to do. I'm excited to be getting a couple day break from babysitting too, not the full week, but enough that we can connect as a family again.

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Lindsay said...

What a GREAT list of blessings ~ and I too am looking forward to March Break aka Spring Break :)

Happy Thursday!