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March 15, 2010

Hope Springs Forth

The sweet smell of damp earth blows through open windows. Open windows, at this time of year, it fills me with a joy that goes above everything. A joy that comes from the one who has created the warthm of the breezes blowing through the house. Ushering out the last of winter, bringing with it the hope and life of spring.
There is something, about being able to turn on outside taps and watch little ones spray a van with water and beg to be allowed to use the soapy brush that tugs my heart strings. It wont be long before it will be a chore for them, something for them to roll their eyes about being asked to do. But today, today it is pure joy, giggles and squeals and "But mommy, the ground needs a little more water so the flowers can grow" and not being able to resist the cuteness that her face radiates as she asks.
Laundry on the line, blowing freely in the very breeze that brings my house to life, hanging there in the sun. Simple really, but so pleaseing to the eye. Waiting patiently, unhurried in the midst of a crazy busy life, maybe that's why it draws me in. Reminds me of a time long ago, a time where there was a different pace to life. Not easier or harder, just different and part of me longs to be back there, in that time. But knowing all the wonders that I would miss out on at the same time.
The backyard coming to life, leftover leaves, lingering around since the first snow, have found their way into piles, waiting to be put the the curb, roaring and screaming and the sound of light sabers wacking at punching bags strung from a swing set. Sleds being used on the slide and the pride that shines from his faces as he discovers how much fun it is when you come up with our own ideas for play.
Waiting and watching for the first flowers in the back. Both big kids are just as excited about it. Questioning, asking, wondering when they will appear from the frozen, yet thawing, ground. I'm waiting too, anxious for that first sign of life renewing, knowing full well that there is still the possiblity of a winter storm, but hoping that maybe this is it. Spring might just be here, looking for the first buds to appear, the first tender shoots of grass to sprout out of the brown.
* * * * * *
My heart is happy for my Anthony, we had a little friend of his over today, someone he hasn't actaully spent time with before, but a kid from his class who he asked to have over. They have a lot in common those two boys, They are b.o.y.s and love to be rough and tumble and active. It is SO nice for me to see him asking to have kids his age over to play. For all his outgoingness with adults, he is not very social with kids. He's like me in that sense and I have spent a lot of time in prayer over his friendships, hoping that he will find even one kids he can connect with on a true friend level.
Life has been crazy and full of so many many things lately, I haven't even been able to find the words to write. And that's not a bad thing, I miss it sometimes, that being able to put thoughts into words, but I do know that it will come evenually and I am content to just lay silent until they do.

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