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January 05, 2010

You know it's cold when. . .

...at 9:45am your windows (on the inside) still look like this: the big kids are buried under blankets and neckwarmers and various other layers:

the babies are contained under plastic in the stroller with blankets of their own:and there is MUCH screaming and crying and whinning at the state of *cold*!! (oh yeah, and some lady walking past turns to me and says "Excuse me, you know they're crying right?" LOL!! Cuz you know, I might have missed it!)I on the other hand, spent the time running and chasing and swinging kids around (really, looking like a big moron) in attempts to keep them warm! So I was toasty.

For the record though. 1.5 hours outside in temperatures of -30 are not really recommended (but they did enjoy the hot chocolate and cookies and handful of marshmellows they got when we got back home!)


Catherine said...

you crazy T.Bayers.

Chrissiebear said...

All for the olympic torch?!
Thats bigger dedication than I was willing to give! We were going to go to a small town near the cottage when we were there but it was really cold and someone was already ready for a nap!!
Sigh, oh well, maybe 22 years from now we'll get it again. That was the last time I saw (and held) the torch!

AK said...

LOL I can't believe that woman's comment. The things people say!

We were driving home from our Christmas travels when the torch came through town so we missed it, but thats okay with me, I don't have that kind of dedication :).

Nocona said...

Snow! We Texans have no idea what that is like!