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January 10, 2010

Owen has almost hit the 20 month mark.

First off, I am not even sure how that is possible, in 4 short months, months I am sure are going to fly by, he will turn 2.

The baby of the family.

The little guy who keeps us on our toes and learns from his brother and sister all the tricks that they didn't learn until MUCH older!

It got me thinking the other night about when Anthony and Alexandra were 20 months old.

When Anthony was 20 months, we were in the process of moving towns (from Atikokan back to Thunder Bay), I was single parenting 5 days a week because Troy would drive back to Atikokan on Sunday night and teach until Friday and then drive back to us for the weekend,we were getting Anthony ready for surgery and I was 6 months pregnant with Alexandra.

When Alexandra was 20 months I was babysitting another little girl, planning a Mother's Market and I was VERY pregnant with Owen (he was born 4 weeks later!)

This time, I am thankful that I am not pregnant (and sick and exhausted and everything else that goes along with that!).

I am enjoying this age, the curiousity and wonder and excitement that marks it.

I love the *extra* energy that I have from not having a life growing inside me, and the fact that I can enjoy the wonder and curiousity (oh and did I mention LOVE of books?) that Owen is experiencing.

I am a *little* sad that our baby is growing up but SO very excited for all that means for our family. Things we can start to do and the changes that not having a baby will bring for us.

Life moves forward and the kids grow, I think this time around, I am realizing just how fast that happens, that infant turns to baby turns to little boy.

I love being a mom to my three kids. And I admit, that looking back, I am a little sentimental at all that has happened, but looking forward, I am excited for everything that has yet to come, the firsts that the kids, and our family, are still waiting to experience.

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