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January 26, 2010

Stir Crazy

After being confined to the house yesterday, a combination of rainy/slushy weather,no snowpants for two kids, and no nap for Owen, I told Troy when he got home that we NEEDED to get out. Becuase I was going to lose. my. mind. if we didn't (clingy crabby babies and mommas with lack of sleep are NOT a good combination in this house).
SO off we go to the mall at the end of our street (because the roads were a mess and my sanity wasn't worth slip-sliding into something). We were in Metro getting a few groceries so we could make sugar cookies today, and the kids? Oh my goodness! Seriously? It's like they hadn't been out of the house in a year. They are all excited and bubbly and "look at this mom" and "can we get this mom?" and "babble babble babble".... You know it's crazy when the cashier (who is a regular) looks at you and says, "wow, they're really strung tonight eh? They're normally so quiet and calm" (and I'm thinking "my kids? I think you might be confusing us with someone else" but I smile and say "yup. they are, I'm blaming the weather"!)
I must admit, their excitment was contagious and by the end I found myself laughing and giggling right along with them but the term "it's like herding cats" came to mind fairly often as we roamed Zellars looking at all the toys that they "want to get one day mom."
* * * *
We are in the process of transitioning Owen into a big boy bed, last night, I stumbled down the stairs around midnight to his screams and I couldn't find him. My sleep induced brain was too foggy to figure out what was going on. He wasn't in the bed, he hadn't climbed into the playpen, but he was definately in his room, because I could hear him. Where did I find him? Under the bed, curled up right against the wall. He was freaking out because he couldn't lift his head as the bed was in his way! What a goofball! I'm still trying to figure out how he got there in the first place because the playpen had been pusehd close against the bed to stop him from trying to climb out!
* * * *
This morning we are making sugar cookies and birdfeeders. My theory behind this? If I keep them crazy busy they can't get into trouble and bother eachother and send their momy over the edge right?? Well, we shall see about that!
The dough is made and sitting in the fridge for another 10 minutes before we can roll it out ans start cutting out the cookies. And already, in the 30 minutes of time that they have had to play, there is been the slaming of doors and the biting of legs...biting seriously?? I'm not sure WHAT he was thinking because he KNOWS better sigh.....it could be a long day.
But....Alexandra's new bed comes via delivery man today, so that is exciting (her bed was the top bunk for the boy's room so once Owen needed a bed, she is without one, thankfully she's content to sleep on a crib matteress for two nights!)
Time to go and herd some *cats* to the kitchen table for the cutting out of cookies, while I attepmt to focus my eyes on God and look to the laughter and blessings in the day, rather then the annoying and difficult (because sometimes those moments seems to overwhelm, and I know it is just a matter of perspective). . . maybe letting go of my crazy perfectionism would be a good start!

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AK said...

We're going crazy here too...does this cold (sickness) never end? The baby is miss fussy clingy today. So much for "getting stuff done" :)