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January 24, 2010

At the Rink

Anthony and Alexandra had their first skating lessons on Saturday. Troy was just going to take them, but I firgured Owen and I would tag along and get some pictures! They had a fanastic time.

Alexandra was a little hesitant and there were a few tears (but nothing like the screaming tha has been happening at swim lessons), but the man who organizes it is amazing with kids and scooped her up, took her to her class and stayed with her almost the whole time. She was actually participating by the end!

Anthony, he's a clown! The drama of that boy, it was SO funny!! He would skate a little then f.l.o.p on ice and lay there for a mintue. This continued for almost the entire lesson. I was nearly crying I was laughign so hard. Becuase Anthony knows how to skate!!
Owen? Well, he just really really wanted to be on the ice and was a little ticked about the fact that he wasn't allowed! I think I might just have to find a public skate time for him.....but we shall see! (the outdoor rinks here are toast with the rain and mild temperatures we have been having)
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Lezlie said...

Cute pictures! I think the kids may have the same coach. Is it Christopher? It's hard to tell from the photos (with his helmet on). He is fabulous with the kids!

Lindsay said...

I love the pics of Owen just taking it all in :) Precious!